maanantai 26. huhtikuuta 2010

Quality magazines @Conddoori

Liitutaulu ("the blackboard") doesn't often have postings in english, which is a shame for all the exchange students hanging about in Siltavuorenpenger. This is the first one, with hopefully more to come! For starters you can check out the 15-minute video made by me and few other students in our faculty for a big seminar in Minneapolis - it gives background to the Finnish University reform last year, and the video and it's text are fully available in english:

Video: University Reform in Finland


And if you're looking for warm atmosphere or a place to chill, look no further than Siltavuorenpenger. Lot of students hang out in the newly renovated student room, "Conddoori", in the basement floor of Minerva and next to the library, which boasts tea and coffee-making equipment, a kitchen with fridge and microwave oven and computers with even an chance to plug-in your laptop and watch stuff from a projector.

It's also nice to just sit down and have a break sitting in the fine, recycled couches, and read something. Amongst some official propaganda papers of the university and different education-related finnish labor union stuff (trust me, their full of ultimately meaningless, fully market oriented jargon from start to finish, if you can't read finnish you're not missing much) there's a nice bunch of quality magazines, and in english even! Check out Conddoori's collection of the New Yorker and Rethinking Schools, and bring those around together to discuss the great articles there - it's good stuff.


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